Auskick FAQs

What is Auskick?

The NAB AFL Auskick program is the introduction stage to football for 5-12 year old girls and boys. The NAB AFL Auskick program is based on coordinated activities and learning new skills.  It is primarily designed around free non-contact play, child centred activities and above all enjoyment for all participants.

Our Auskick sessions are held on Saturday Mornings from late April right through until late July.

Can my child play Junior Football and still stay in Auskick?

Not only can they, but they should. Auskick is the ideal way to keep improving football skills; many players continue Auskick training until 11 or 12. This gives players an extra chance on development.

My child does not have the same ability of other children. Is there any point in joining?

Absolutely. Auskick gives children of all ability levels an opportunity to learn in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, whilst early participation in physical activity develops important motor skills and social abilities that can become the foundation for a lifetime participation in sport and recreation.

What time do I arrive?

The sessions start at around 9:30am, prior to that our coaches and coordinators will be setting up, but feel free to bring your own footy and have a kick up to before kick-off time. Our sessions finish at 11am before all players come together on the steps for the announcements of our Auskickers of the Week and any other important news. Following the session, you are welcome to stay on a have a kick (byo footy).

Where do I go?

Each session will be run at JC Donath Reserve on the corner of Harmer Street and Wagga Road in Reservoir. Parking can be found on Harmer Street. When you first arrive, go onto the field for a kick of the footy (byo footy) and then a the coaches will blow the whistle to bring kids AND parents to the steps for some announcements and a ‘team talk’ from the Auskick Coordinators and coaches.

What do I need to wear?

There are no specific rules about uniform for Auskick sessions. The kids just need to wear comfortable clothing, however most kids will wear their footy guernseys, shorts and socks. Runners are ok in the first couple of weeks, but once the ground gets slippery or muddy, you’ll find that wearing footy boots might be easier!

What do I need to bring?

Bring your own footy to have a kick before and after the session! Please make sure that it is named so it doesn’t get confused with any other Auskickers or the clubs footies! We provide a drink and some snacks during the session so no need to worry about that however if the kids prefer their own bottle, you can bring that.

Australian Football looks rough. Is Auskick safe for children to play?

Some people believe football is rough because they only watch AFL football. That’s like saying you won’t buy your child a toy pedal car because so many people are injured in road accidents. AFL footy is professional, Auskick is recreational. Independent research shows that Auskick is virtually injury free.

My child is not very good. Is there any point in joining?

Children of all ability levels are provided with opportunities to learn and have fun. Early participation in sport and physical activity develops motor skills very important as a foundation for lifetime participation in sport and recreation. If the foundation is not there, children usually avoid sport altogether and so miss its lifetime health benefits. It is especially imperative then that children who “are not very good” participate.

I was never much good at sport myself. Can I participate?

It is very important that all parents participate no matter how busy they are and regardless as to whether they are good at sport or not. Auskick is regarded by many parents as an important priority family time with their children. They just mark it into their diaries. Research indicates that children are more successful at learning, enjoy activities much more and are more likely to persist when their parents are involved. Many parents join the activities with their kids and learn with them. It’s good to have things in common in a family.

What do parents do?

Auskick is completely conducted by parents and volunteers. Activities include coaching, supervising and administrating to mothers’ club type activities. Full education and resource support is provided. Our research indicates that our parents consider Auskick to be special and that it belongs to them as much as it does to their kids. They consider it to be a type of community where help is always available and life long friendships have been made.

I worry about my child entering competitive sports too early. Is Auskick competitive?

For the first few years, matches are played for just two reasons and winning is not one of them. Kids unanimously report that what they like best about Auskick are the games of footy. They can enjoy a “friendly game” with and against their friends. The second reason is to learn the basics of teamwork, cooperation in a group, and respect for team mates and opponents. Competitive footy is something that they graduate to later on if they want to.

Do I have to attend every week?

Many parents and their children do because it is so enjoyable but it is not compulsory. There are no match schedules with teams in competition so nobody is let down by non appearance.

How much does the NAB AFL Auskick Program cost to join at Keon Park?

There is a $100.00 flat fee charged for all Auskickers. This fee incorporates the AFL fee ($85) and KPSJFC fee ($15). The fees cover rego, insurance, a personalised goodie pack, trophies, free events, an Auskick junior membership, among other cool stuff. Auskick is an absolute BARGIN so why not give it a go?


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