The Role of Parents

The role of parents is so important for a child’s smooth football journey. A football sides journey is not just limited to the players and coaches, it is for everyone including the parents. Parents are expected to volunteer to fill required positions each week and are expected to assist multiple times throughout the season. We want parents to remain supportive of the players and coaches. If parents have any problems, please feel free to Terry Brooks (President).

KPSJFC aim to provide players with a great experience playing football. We try our best to ensure that the players learn new skills, enjoys football and have a lot of fun. One way that makes our job much easier is having your assistant!

The club has been lucky to have wonderful volunteers over our 60 years history however the only way we can continue to be as good as we are is the help of volunteers. At Keon park, we are always keen for parents or relatives to participate or volunteer There is always plenty to do around the club and having more volunteers helps share the workload. On top of being able to assist at our great community club, volunteering is something that your children will no doubt remember forever.

There are plenty of roles that are required to be done to get the kids out on the park and are simple once being explained, the role that is required. Most of the time, we find that parents who don’t put their hands up to help assume the roles require skill but in reality, they don’t! You child will benefit from seeing their mother or father assisting and sometimes might even make them strive to play a better game seeing their parent involved in the match too.

Parents benefit from feeling apart of the football club and can make new friends with other parents whilst supporting your child and the football club! The club always welcomes assistance so don’t be shy!

Head Coach (Accredited) All age groups All teams need a coach who coaches the team, manages and plans training and is the link between teams and parents. The coach must be accredited through Coach AFL and hold a valid WWCC.
Assistant Coach All age groups Assistant Coaches assist the coach with training and coaching on match day. They also run training in the event of the coach’s absence. The Assistant coach is required to hold a valid WWCC.
Team Manager All age groups Team Managers are one of the most important positions. They are required to co-ordinate parent helpers, kit bag, wash and return playing jumpers and equipment as well as filling out administrative documents such as the team sheet and risk report, and collecting votes from parents.
Medic (Accredited)


All age groups Medics are important and require at least a Certificate 1 in First Aid. They assist players (both sides) with injuries. Matches cannot take place if there is no medic.
Timekeeper All age groups Time Keepers sit down in the scoreboard and keep score of the match on a card that is provided by the Team Manager as well as filling in votes for the best player. At home matches, they also control the scoreboard (U11+)
Goal Umpire All age groups Goal Umpires are also required for each match. They stand behind the goals and judges if teams kick a goal or behind. For each score, they are required to write it down on the scoresheet that is provided by the TM and confer with the opposing Goal umpire in the middle of the ground at the end of each quarter.
Umpire Escort All age groups Umpire escorts are only required pre, post-game and during quarters. They escort the umpire from their change room to the ground and stand with them during the quarter breaks.
Water Carrier U11 plus Water carriers are required to ensure the players water bottles are filled and take them to players during matches after goals are scored.
Runner U11 plus Runners are required to help carry messages from the coach to the players on the ground.
Boundary Umpire U11 plus Boundary umpires are required to judge whether the ball is out of bounds and throw the ball into the field after an out of bounds call.
Other Roles around the club We are always looking for volunteers to help at Bunnings BBQs, assist in the Canteen, assist with cleaning, helping out at training and Auskick. If you would like to volunteer speak to the committee and we can find something that suits you!


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